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Praise for the Guide

Alex Honnold - Red Rocks local and climbing legend.

Red Rocks has some of the best sandstone bouldering in the world, with a lifetime of challenges for all skill levels. From roadside gems to epic highballs buried deep in the canyons, anyone can find the adventure that they’re looking for.

Alex Honnold

Alex Johnson - World Cup champion, superb cimbing coach, and all-around awesome person.

The first time I climbed in Red Rock it blew my mind. I moved to the Las Vegas area in 2014 solely for the world class climbing. This guidebook is by far the most comprehensive and beautiful guide I've ever seen. I have two copies, one for the crag, and one for my coffee table. It's awesome to see all the new development come to life in print.

Alex Johnson

Jimmy Webb - mutant crusher, Mellow climber, establishes five-star problems around the world and at Red Rocks.

Red Rocks will always hold a very special place in my heart. I’ve spent countless days and seasons running around these canyons looking for new and incredible lines. This guidebook will give you everything you need to know to access some of the best stone in the world.

Jimmy Webb

Sonnie Trotter - famous Canadian crusher, adventurer, and personality.

Red Rocks hasn't always been known for its bouldering, but all that has changed in a big way. The amount of new classic lines coming out of this area is mind boggling. It's truly a global destination and this book is a valuable addition to locals and visitors alike. I can't wait to get back out there.

Sonnie Trotter

Nalle Hukkataival is a Finnish professional climber who specializes in bouldering. He has to his credit many first ascents and repeats in the V15 to V17 range. He has established numerous problems at Red Rocks, including Kintsugi, 52 Blue, and Clogging the Feed.

Red Rocks has quickly become one of the best bouldering areas in America. This excellent guidebook covers all the amazing new problems from the last seasons as well as the old classics.

Nalle Hukkataival

Although Josh loves all aspects of the sport, his primary passion is Moonboarding in his garage. He’s particularly proud of loggin ascents of climbs with super furry grades on He hopes to continue chasing big grades while binge eating birthday cake flavored ice cream.

Amazing prices. Fast and efficient delivery. Courteous customer service. You’re not gonna find another Online Book Store with such a great selection of products and dedicated team. I’ll definitely be shopping with Snell Press again soon.

Josh Wharton

Ethan Pringle - elite climber, responsible for stunning first ascents around the world on sport climbs and boulders, all-around caring and honest person.

I have so many fond memories of days spent climbing with friends on beautiful boulders in the striking, desert landscape of Red Rocks. Not only is this guide spot on for the nuts and bolts of getting around, it’s a gorgeous work that will get you psyched to go out and make your own memories!

Ethan Pringle

John Sherman - climbing legend, Hueco Tanks pioneer, author of the ground-breaking book Stone Crusade.

Why endure those grueling Red Rocks death marches to the roped classics, when there's plenty of good bouldering close to the road? Forget the approach pitches, you'll be hitting crux after juicy crux and never be too far from the beer cooler.

John Sherman

Testimonials: Testimonial
Paul Robinson - elite climber, first ascent pioneer, inspiring figure who has overcome numerous injuries and setbacks.

Southern Nevada continues to produce some of the most incredible bouldering in the world! It seems like there's an endless supply of five-star lines for those that want to get out and explore! The new edition of the Southern Nevada Bouldering is comprehensive and gets you up to date with all of the new development in the region over the past few years!

Paul Robinson

John Long - rock climbing pioneer, part of the first one day ascent of The Nose on El Cap, prolific climbing author.

Red Rocks enchants. I remember visiting Kraft Boulders with Lynn Hill and Randal Grandstaff, circa 1977, and yarding up what later became The Pearl, the highball on The Cube, the Angel Dyno (tricky with no pads), and a host of other classics that had never felt human hands. The same experiences are still open to any modern boulderer with a restless spirit and the energy to explore new areas that abound throughout Southern Nevada. The area deserves close study, and rewards you handsomely. The great distances and deep silences remind us that life - and bouldering - can be monumental.

John Long

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