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New Problems

Listed here are problems that we've come across that may or may not have been climbed. If you have any information regarding these problems being climbed, please contact us:

We'd like to establish the first ascents as best we can. Thanks!

Lil chunk

 36.093896°, -115.475734°

This problem is about V5. It is located about 50' northwest of Whale Bacon (#15, page 131). 

Short UCs

 36.094014°, -115.476975°

A nice, short problem from underclings to a slopey top out. Located about 100' downstream of Tilt Shift, near the huge boulder in the wash. Difficulty is about V7.

Double Goat

 36.114181°, -115.489138°

A gymnastic problem from an undercling with a high finish up a varnished slab. Located left of The Cubical and Concrete Paradise (page 156). Roughly V6 in difficulty.

Concrete Paradise

The starting hold of Concrete Paradise (#19 page 156) has broken. It is unclear if the now-logical start from a jug to the left has been climbed.

striking arete

 36.170056°, -115.490553°

Located below and right of Tunnel Vision, White Rock Springs.


below Chocolate Rocks

 35.995448°, -115.466250°

A low ball on the south side of the wash, near SR 160, below the Chocolate Rocks.


pyramid slab

 36.003431°, -115.459924°

Numerous problems, seemingly moderate on this nice block below the Illusion Crag. 


The Redoubt

 36.172565°, -115.486757°

On the south hillside of the wash where Foreign Import and Supple Leopard are found. Likely a double digit roof with edges and big spans.


crazy dihedral

 36.010325°, -115.463467°

A stunning, sheer dihedral. Located on the south side of Windy Canyon.


The direct line up the arete starting as for Another Giant (#135, page 325). First known ascent: Eric Jerome, February 2021.

downstream of 
Broke Down Palace

 36.168397°, -115.426850°

An interesting right to left compression/arete problem in the wash about 50 yards downstream of Broke Down Palace.

below Broke Down Palace.jpeg

La Cavèman

 36.166823°, -115.414837°

A nice compression problem in the V5 range above the Swirly Cliff.
First known ascent:Matt Lutey, May 2021.

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