Red Rock Canyon is the crown jewel of the desert Southwest, a must visit for Las Vegas tourists and locals alike. This excellent guide will help you enjoy all this spectacular area has to offer, from bike paths to rock climbing, from endangered species to desert blooms. Enjoy!

Hon. Dina Titus

U.S. Representative for Nevada’s 1st congressional district
Dina Titus

Alan Gegax

I’ve hiked and guided in Red Rock for over 25 years, and I’m finding new and fascinating information on page after page. Moulin’s book will be a permanent addition to my pack.

Dr. Stanley Smith

Professor of Ecology, University of Nevada Las Vegas
Stanley Smith

Red Rock is an exquisite place that deserves a comprehensive natural history. This book admirably fills that need, with an effective blend of scientific detail and practical information.

Jane Feldman

This guide is simply gorgeous! It showcases the best of Red Rock with beautiful photos, easy-to-read topos, and clear descriptions. No wonder people love this amazing place!

Dr. Daniel McLean

Chairperson, Department of Recreation and Sport Management, University of Nevada Las Vegas
Daniel McLean

Red Rock Canyon is incomplete without this guide. Whether a day visitor, hiker, climber, photographer, or some other passion—this is the guide for you. It's a must have resource for the Red Rock Canyon experience.

Alan Gegax photo courtesy of the Alan Gegax Collection, Dr. Stanley Smith photo courtesy of UNLV Photo Services, Jane Feldman photo courtesy of the Jane Feldman Collection, Dr. Daniel McLean photo courtesy of UNLV Photo Services.
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